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IUL has a clear mission and vision for the growth of its students. A contextual philosophy of education and a relentless focus on teaching and learning.

E-Learning within International University of Leadership links the students to a global environment which is essential for our programs. Our university’s commitment to molding leaders and entrepreneurs who are trained within a culturally diverse community and who possess the skills to enter an international setting is made possible through the recent explosion of distance education. IUL students are linked via distance education throughout the programming and ultimately through virtual team work within each course. As the work place begins to evolve into a blended work environment to include both face-to-face and online employee interactions, students from around the world enroll in International University of Leadership inspired to experience the blending learning environment. eLearning creates the virtual international classroom which supports the mission of the University.

As each student and professor joins IUL, they bring their individual strengths and backgrounds into the programs. Within the virtual walls of the university, students and professors initially are introduced to the vision of leadership. International leadership becomes the common thread that weaves through the tapestry of every experience within IUL. Whether it involves a professor who is a successful entrepreneur/leader or a graduate student who is just being introduced to the skills of managerial thinking, all become partners in their commitment to becoming global leaders of the future driven to explore innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

IUL students trained in entrepreneurial leadership value the idea of making a meaningful contribution to the world, to seek multiple solutions and utilize opportunities and possibilities throughout the process. Dedication to not only improving each discipline but envisioning future possibilities across disciplines is at the heart of the mission of IUL. Graduates possess a drive to solve problems which bring communities around the world together. The mission of IUL is the stimulus to not only the programming within the graduates’ studies, but it empowers the student to enter into the complexity of the world with the confidence that is needed to maximize solutions.

Professors at International University of Leadership will engage students interactively online stimulating their management, leadership and entrepreneurial development through projects to submit, case studies to develop or solve, research, and team work. Life experiences within the program allow the novice student to develop into an expert ready to face the world’s challenges with pioneering problem-solving skills. The world and its need for innovative solutions to complex problems become the instructional materials for IUL students.





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