Hello everyone,
Thank you for asking for my feedback on my studies for Doctor of Business Administration. Here is my short testimonial. I am Deogratias from Togo Currently am working at Togo Embassy in Ankara in the Republic of Türkiye us First counsellor. I have always wanted to acquire new knowledge and further strengthen my abilities to become a good leader and a good entrepreneur. This is why I am very grateful to the International University of Leadership for granting me an admission to pursue my studies for Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). I really enjoyed taking courses for DBA, as it taught me a lot about the process and practice of creating and pursuing new business opportunities. I learned about the different aspects and factors that influence entrepreneurship, such as the market, the user, the product, the funding, the team, and the environment. I also learned about the Leadership and tools that can be used to be a good leader. As a diplomat, these courses give me a better understanding of negotiation tactics and strategies in (B2C) marketing or (B2B) marketing. Entrepreneurship is a term that encompasses many aspects of creating and running a business. It involves identifying a problem or a need in the market, developing a solution or a product that can address it, and taking the risk of launching and growing the venture. Entrepreneurship is not only a way of making money, but also a way of making a difference in the world. I know entrepreneurship is not easy, but I am willing to take risks and face challenges. I believe entrepreneurship is a journey of discovery, growth and fulfillment.
Thanks very much.

Deogratias from Togo

DBA Alumni
Published MARCH, 19, 2024
My three years at International University of Leadership for my Bachelor's in Computer Science were transformative. The vibrant academic community and dedicated faculty shaped my understanding of computer science. Practical projects enhanced my technical skills and instilled creativity and problem-solving aptitude. As I near completion, IUL’s reputation and cutting-edge research initiatives drive my determination to apply for the Master's program in Computer Science. The diverse courses align with my career aspirations, and I believe pursuing a Master's here will equip me for professional success. IUL is the ideal place for my continued academic pursuit. The nurturing environment and resources will aid my growth personally and professionally. I'm eager to contribute to the academic community and hope to be part of the esteemed institution once more.

Nouha Ejjabit

BSCS Alumni
Published december 12th, 2023
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for the American University of Leadership (IUL). I am grateful to the administration, faculty, and staff for their unwavering support and guidance throughout my academic journey. The BCS degree I earned from IUL has been instrumental in shaping my career and personal growth. My experience at AUL has been nothing short of amazing. The university's commitment to providing a conducive learning environment has enabled me to achieve my goals and aspirations. The faculty members are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about their work. They have challenged me to think critically and creatively, and I am confident that the skills I have acquired will serve me well in my future endeavors. One of the things I appreciated most about IUL was the flexibility of the E-learning program. It allowed me to balance my studies with other commitments, without compromising on the quality of education. Thank you, IUL, for an unforgettable experience!

Abdelbasset Hmidchat

BSCS Alumni
Published december 12th, 2023
Hello, my name is Amina Zriouilat and I'm an IUL alumna. I have spent great times in IUL and have a lot of great memories. In IUL not only we have interesting courses with skilled professors, but we are also encouraged to apply what we learned in real life experiences. I had the opportunity to work on many extracurricular activities such as conferences, debates, trips etc. To be part of the IUL family is one of the greatest things that had ever happened to me and I'm very grateful to every person I encountered on my journey.

Amina Zriouilat

BBA Alumni
Published July 7th, 2019
IUL is not only a university where I had classes, it is more like a home; where I spent 80% of my time. Fun, knowledge and leadership are the most important pillars that make our community very special. I have honestly been very satisfied with the results of my courses. I am a BBA graduate and now an MBA student and God willing I will be a DBA graduate in the next 5 years. I want to thank every person that has marked my path, every person that has pushed me to be the best and to develop myself. Last but not least, IUL is a place where you enroll to study and find yourself with a whole new family. I love IUL, this is all I can say.

Hind Elafez

BBA Alumni
Published July 7th, 2019
My journey at IUL Everything started on October 2016, when I was admitted as a student at IUL. I still remember the first day just like it was yesterday when I was warmly welcomed by the administration and the professors as the first visually impaired student, a person with disability. While I was waiting at the administration completing my admission file, a gentleman put his hand on my shoulder and introduced himself kindly, he was Mr. president Anass Lahlou. That fulfilled me with confidence and insured me that everything would go smoothly which is what happened. About my academic path, I learned a lot from my professors without exception, in all aspects such as communication skills, analytical skills and critical thinking which allowed me through my journey to become a different person and see the world differently . I also enjoyed working with my colleagues who became on a certain point of time as sisters and brothers who respect each other and collaborate together to help one another to succeed in our student life. Finally, I would like to thank deeply IUL for hosting me, for the wonderful studies experience and I would like to thank the staff especially Mrs. Salma for her support and help navigating advisement. A special thanks to all my professors for all the knowledge they shared with us and the enormous understanding and patience with each one of the students. And last but not least I would like to thank my classmates and congratulate them one more time for their achievement of graduation and I wish for them as well as myself a bright future and a successful personal/professional life.

Youssef Erressimi

BBA Alumni
Published on 07/03/2019
Here is my experience at IUL University. I had amazing professors, colleagues, and staff that were always helping us be a better version of ourselves. We changed during the years and upgraded to satisfying stages of our lives not only professionally but as students. we became friendlier to each other and treated each other as family members. I’m very proud of the choice I made and this feeling is what brings joy to my life and to all my surrounding. I encourage any future student who is interested in becoming a manager, or planning on owning a business to engage with IUL University because not only you will get an American degree but with no or fewer debts than anyone who studied in the US physically. So Good luck everybody!

Chaimae Moustaade

BBA Alumni
Published on 07/03/2019
The DBA was an opportunity for me to grow and to challenge myself. I learned through this experience that growth and comfort don’t coexist and that If we want to grow we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. IUL helped me to build confidence, to take risks, to welcome challenges and though me that as a leader you have to base your decisions on who you truly are and your core values. I am very proud to be an IUL DBA Alumni“.

Jihane Roudias

CEO at 1min30
Published on 09/28/2018
It is an honor to be part of IUL community. As a fresh graduate, IUL provided me with both personal and professional tools in an enjoyable way. Classes were interesting and Fun which is a rare thing to find. Through this journey, I was inspired to become a better person thanks to the faculty, staff, and administration they were very helpful, they made a positive impact on my personality in a way that I felt special, and I have to give back and return the favor to the society. I am very grateful to find my life purpose thanks to my studies at IUL.

Reda Faiz

IUL Student
Published on:09/06/2018
“Doing my MBA was the best move I could have made. With Project Management as a major being one of the growing most versatile demand for the job market, I was sure new and exciting opportunities will open up for me. My experience at IUL has been so positive, I felt comfortable knowing I’m being taught by faculty who have real-world experiences and are actually working in the business. I will always treasure the memories I shared with my classmates and professors. The International University of Leadership, formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership is the greatest school I have ever been in”. MBA, Project Management Alumni.


Published on :03/02/2018
“The International University of Leadership, formerly known in the USA as the American University of Leadership has been awesome to me. I was denied acceptance to three different schools I applied to. I then heard about International University of Leadership, formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership which I was very excited about being they had a DBA that focused on Entrepreneurship. After applying and being interviewed I was accepted and started right away.

Ronald Lewis

Published on: 06/08/2017
Studying International Business at the International University of Leadership has widened my perspective and has opened many horizons thanks to the high quality of the program. Furthermore, my business skills have risen to a level where I am confident speaking and engaging in high-level work-related environment. The university offers a unique e-learning program which helped me develop my professional skills while working and studying at the same time. The professors always make sure the class is educational, interactive and fun and directors are very caring and interested in the student’s well-being. I have personally faced many challenges as an IUL alumni, but with the great help and encouragements of the professors and the directors, I have proudly graduated with an MBA which helped me achieve my goals and start new projects in life.

Widad Nejjar Rodriguez

Inside Product Specialist at DELL
Published on:09/24/2018
I am Carlos Francisco Asumu, from Equatorial Guinea (Malabo) and I am here to say that I had a wonderful experience studying my Bachelors in Business at the International University of Leadership. Students and professors are from different backgrounds, culture and religions, it is a great melting pot! My classmates, faculty and staff helped me stick to my goal and achieve my objectives. They really helped me grow as an individual as well as taught me the meaning of team work and group support. Something that I am proud to say is helping me as a starting professional. Go LEADERS!!!

Carlos Francisco Asumu

IUL Student
Published on:09/06/2018
“I had a wonderful experience throughout the years studying my BBA at the International Univesity of Leadership, it gave me the possibility to be more and more independent as well as gain a lot of leadership skills, it gave me the opportunity to get to know new people from many cultures and nationalities, I enjoyed my courses theoretically but practically as well, IUL prepares students for real-life opportunities by applying up to date case studies and life examples. Once I finished my BBA I decided to continue my MBA gain deeper Business and Management skills. The MBA program has challenged my thinking and improved in me the ability to turn ideas into reality. IUL is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, without it I was never going to be the person I am now, so I am really grateful for that.”


BBA Alumni
Published on:03/05/2018
“When I reflect on my two years in the International University of Leadership, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better person but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. The International University of Leadership has truly developed me into a well-rounded person. The professors here are exemplary in their teaching styles. I think that the MBA program has challenged my thinking about management and leadership and, through this, improved my ability to turn ideas into reality. In addition, it allowed me to develop a network of useful contacts, enhanced my confidence and helped me develop my decision making. The most rewarding part of my MBA was learning in an international environment that enabled sharing real-life experiences across cultures. Coming from different continents, we now have the opportunity to conduct and expand our business relationships and functions across the globe without cultural barriers. IUL creates and grooms leaders. I started with the intention of getting my MBA and heading to the job market. Now, I’ve enrolled in the Doctorate program at IUL and started pursuing bigger dreams”.


DBA Student
Published on:03/05/2018
“It is a pleasure to write a testimonial for my university AUL, who helped me overcome many obstacles and paved the way for my achievements. I would like to start by thanking the administration, faculty, and staff working at the university. After earning the BBA degree my life in the USA has improved lot. My experience has been both enjoyable and rewarding. I learned a lot and experienced more which I am sure I will carry with me for years to come. The E-learning program gave me much-needed freedom, I was able to work, spend time with friends and family while studying. I really appreciated the encouragements and support along the way, I am so proud to be part of the American University of Leadership”.


Published on: 02/28/2018
“Hello everyone, I am a 2014 IUL Alumni. I have gained so many rewards from my unique experience at IUL, it has drastically and positively impacted my life. With its cultural diversity, IUL has equipped me with the best tools for an effective and efficient personal and professional career. With competences acquired in the Business Field, I was able to make unforgettable endeavors. The basic objective of enrolling in a graduate university is to study and receive a degree upon successful completion, but IUL showed me beyond that how each individual can impact his or her society and the world as well. With world-class skills in various fields, I feel ready and able to face challenges of different nature. My education has played a very crucial role to the person I have become today both in personal and professional arenas, I conclude with a Moto “IUL one day, IUL forever!” “


Published on: 05/18/2017
“Doing my MBA was the best move I could have made. With Project Management as a major being one of the growing most versatile demand for the job market, I was sure new and exciting opportunities will open up for me. My experience at IUL has been so positive, I felt comfortable knowing I’m being taught by faculty who have real-world experiences and are actually working in the business. I will always treasure the memories I shared with my classmates and professors. The International University of Leadership, formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership is the greatest school I have ever been in”. MBA, Project Management Alumni.


Published on: 07/05/2017
Dr. Anass Lahlou
Founder Dr. Anass Lahlou serves as the Founder and CEO of International University of Leadership, and American School of Leadership in the USA, as well as Founder of Ameritech Training and Consulting Group and PIIMT university in Morocco. Dr. Lahlou is an award winning entrepreneur, professor, scholar and professional trainer. He holds a Doctorate of Business Administration, specialized in Leadership with Entrepreneurship focus, an MBA in Strategic Reengineering, and many Project and Quality Management Certifications. He is recognized as a leading authority on business strategic reengineering, cognitive development of entrepreneurial skills, and is acclaimed for his work as a project management professional. He specializes in strategy development, performance consultation, turn-around management and business process reengineering with emphasis in leadership and innovation management. He has worked with some of the world’s largest privately held companies in Washington DC, USA Europe, and North Africa; and helped many of his students open their own businesses and ventures thus developing the economy of their communities and creating employment opportunities. He has been elected ACBSP, “Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs”, Region 8 Chairman for the year 2017-2018. Through Dr. Lahlou’ organizations, many nonprofit student associations were created, benefiting local shelters: Children and Elderly, therefore helping local communities and charities. Research interests include leadership, coaching, small business development, and strategic planning in education.
Dr. Samuel G. Waldron
Retired in 2009 as Vice President of Commutations; Guy Carpenter Inc., / Marsh & Mc Lennan. Dr. Waldron has spent the earliest part of his career as an educator in business studies in his Native Country Guyana, at Green’s Business School, and Philip’s Commercial, formerly known as Day High School. After migrating to the United States, he first worked as a Marketing Research Associates at The American Journal of Nursing for five years and from 1974 – 2009, has held many positions in the Financial District where he worked for 35 years and served in various management capacities. He joined AUL in the Fall of 2009 as a Professor and currently serves as Chairman of the Leading Board of the International University of Leadership, USA.
Dr. Waldron is an Associates of the Institute of Book Keepers, ACBI., and acquired a B.A. in Management Science from Bernard Baruch College, an MBA with distinction from Long Island University, and DBA from Bernelli University where he was honored as the Distinguished Student of 2008.
Dr. Waldron is currently a Board Member, of STAR Health Center – STAR Program, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, which administers HIV screening and treatment, behavioral health and a specialized LGBT Health Initiative where services are offered to LGBT health.
Dr. Waldron is a proud father of five children and grandfather of fourteen. He enjoys meditating, listening to Contemporary Gospel Music, inspiring and motivating youths of diverse cultures. He believes in reciprocity, the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefits. His motto: “When you reach out to others you are making this world a better place.”
Dr.Christine Clarke
Dean of Professional Accreditations at EU, Accreditation Evaluator and lecturer, Christine Clarke is one of IUL Leading Board Members. She is an entrepreneur and self-starter, evidenced by her own language and communications businesses in Barcelona. She has taught and coordinated courses that include sales and purchasing, management, strategy, entrepreneurship and specialist English. Clarke’s relationship with IUL dates back to 2010, when she was invited to review the university programs through ACBSP. Clarke, responsible for professional accreditations and a management lecturer at EU Barcelona, is an excellent communicator and educator. Prior to her career, Christine acquired a PGCE (a master’s equivalent of the teaching qualification) and a BBA in modern languages and political studies. Her impressive academic portfolio, combined with over 30 years of experience, makes Clarke a leading board member who brings together the best of practical and academic experience.
Dr. Emil Gjorgov
IUL Chief Academic Officer and ACBSPDirector of European Operations at the Brussels office, Dr. Gjorgovearned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University St. Ciril and Methodius, MA in Communications and Negotiations from the University American, and a PhD from the Institute for Balkan and European Political Studies, EuroBalkan Research Institute in Macedonia.
Experienced international program coordinator involved in curriculum development and establishment of academic programs and schools, trainer and evaluator in numerous fields of education, with an exceptional ability to implement international academic standards such as the European Association for Quality Assurance standards in Higher Ed.
International accreditor and evaluator for national and regional accrediting agencies in the USA, with extensive knowledge of successfully applying accreditation standards and designation from ACBSP, ACICS, AACSB, ECBE, CIE, ENQA/EQAR, and similar accrediting organizations.
A successful coach in theoretical and practical knowledge needed to prepare and organize educational institutions to apply for recognition from internationally recognized accrediting organizations. Research interests include business behavior, social behavior in business and media, educational advancement, and strategic planning in education.
Dr. Jeremy Cripps
A Chartered Accountant (UK) and a CPA (Ohio) Jeremy is one of the Board Menbers at IUL Governance Board or Leading Borad. Jeremy earned his BA and MA from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio and his PhD in Accounting from the Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio. After an apprenticeship in London with Price Waterhouse Coopers, he joined their tax department in Cleveland and then the International Tax department in New York. From New York, he moved to become European Controller for a client, an American multi-national based in London. From London, he moved into consultancy in Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman and then with a young school age family he returned to the United States and became a Professor. Awarded Fulbright Scholarships in Zimbabwe (University of Zimbabwe, Harare) and Bulgaria (The Technical University, Sofia) he continued to do short-term consultancy work with contractors for US Aid in East Europe and the Middle East. He set up and earned accreditation for the business school at the American University of Kuwait, taught at the American University of Bulgaria, and today continues teaching online at the International University of Leadership. Research includes accounting history and human capital valuation. Married to Mary Cripps they have three married children and four grandchildren.
Dr. Houssain Kettani
Dr. Houssain Kettani received the Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus in 1998, and Master’s and Doctorate degrees both in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2000 and 2002, respectively Dr. Kettani served as faculty member at the University of South Alabama (2002-2003), Jackson State University (2003-2007), Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (2007-2012), Fort Hays State University (2012-2016) and Florida Polytechnic University since 2016. Dr. Kettani has served as Staff Research Assistant at Los Alamos National Laboratory in summer of 2000, Visiting Research Professor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in summers of 2005 to 2011, Visiting Research Professor at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center at the University of Alaska in summer of 2008 and Visiting Professor at the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in summer of 2010. Dr. Kettani’s research interests include computational science and engineering, high performance computing algorithms, information retrieval, network traffic characterization, number theory, robust control and optimization, and population studies. He presented his research in over sixty refereed conference and journal publications and his work received over four hundred citations by researchers all over the world. He chaired over hundred international conferences throughout the world and successfully secured external funding in millions of dollars for research and education from US federal agencies such as NSF, DOE, DOD, and NRC.
Dr. Judy Bullock
Professional management consultant with an earned Doctorate in Business and CPA actively licensed in Florida and Georgia.
Consulting experience for Fortune 500 companies, senior management teams, and Boards of directors.
Industry experience: Proprietary Higher Education, Automotive, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance and Investments.
Focus on organizational effectiveness and performance. Specialties: Academic leadership and scholarship, management consulting, organizational behavior, human resources management, mergers and acquisition, and leadership.
Dr. Nozha Ibnlkhayat
Dr. Nozha Ibnlkhayat has a PhD in History and Socio-Political Sciences (Bibliometrics) of the University of Montreal, as well as a Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems. She is a lecturer, consultant and Director of Research and Development at IUL International Department.
Dr. Ibnlkhayat is a world published renown author and editor, her work is recognized in several European, American and Arab Universities. She is a member of the Editorial Boards of the “Arabic documentation and information Archive Journal”, “Aalam Journal”, and “Rissalat Al Maktaba Al Ordonya Journal”.
Nozha Ibnlkhayat published hundreds of research works (books, articles, reports, communications, bibliographies, book chapters…). She has organized and participated in the organization of several conferences, seminars, lectures on various topics related to Information Sciences and Knowledge, Heritage Digitization, Marketing, Competitive Management and Knowledge Management, intellectual property, copyright, ethics in sciences and so much more.
She is the author of “Scientific Writing in the Era of Information Technologies and Web 2.0” under publication 2019 and “Systems Marketing and Information and Documentation Services: Teaching and Information Marketing Practice Treaty”, published by the Media of the University of Quebec.
Dr. Ibnlkhayat presented in many conferences and seminars related to lecture, writing, edition and publishing problematic during the Era of Technology. She is a consultant in worldwide organizations such as ISESCO, CEA and UNESCO, is on the editorial board of four scientific committees and councils, member of many national and international associations, universities and Scientific Research institutions all over the world.
To contact Dr. Ibnlkhayat for joint opportunities and research at IUL, please email her at: dr.nibnlkhayat@iulf.education