Partnering with IUL

Joining Efforts and changing the world one partnership at a time.

The International University of Leadership believes and recognizes innovative driven solutions whether you are a University or a Corporate Organization. By joining our efforts, we commit to grow today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. Our main vision is to support national and international students’ learning experience through partnerships worldwide on campus, online, or both.

Why Partner with us?

The International University of Leadership is committed to allow students and professionals around the world the opportunity to access American standards of higher education, obtain a US recognized degree, and positively impact their respective communities without the need for relocation through the development of sustainable relationships with like-minded institutions along with exchange programs. In key markets, the focus of the University's partnerships is to establish integrated research and teaching activities to build long-term sustainable relationships.

With other Universities or Schools

Study abroad programs, exchange programs or ease of transfer of credits, dual degrees… these are among the few possibilities we can partner with you.

With Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are welcome to share their capacity and current innovation. Along with many opportunities for students to make connections with other nonprofit professionals through internships, service-learning projects and scholarships.

With For Profit-Organizations

IUL Provides staff of companies and small businesses, opportunities to pursue or continue their higher Education through agreed upon tuition rates as well as improve their knowledge with various training certifications.

With Investor/ Donor

IUL encourages Investors and donors to support the community through Scholarship programs, tuitions and philanthropy work by encouraging our vision: access to Education for all and today’s dynamic learning environment for tomorrow’s impact on our world.





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